Our founder – the backstory

Our founder operated a joint venture at the board level between 2001 and 2010 with one of the biggest UK banks.

The venture brought a range of financial planning solutions to thousands of people seeking to solve critically important everyday financial objectives.

The bank:

Provided a credit facility secured on investment assets, controlled the solutions.

Our founder's company provided:

  • Product design
  • Investment assets
  • Marketing
  • Facilitation
  • Administration

In 2008 during the last financial crisis, the bank illegally foreclosed on credit agreements with the customers; this resulted in the bank seizing customers' assets of £400m. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) forced our founder's business into liquidation, made our founder a scapegoat for the bank's fraud, worked with the high courts to cover the matter up

According to an open letter in 2019 from Anthony Stansfeld (Thames Valley police commissioner) following his eight-year investigation, banks up and down the UK had done the same. The banks illegally stripped an estimated £90 billion of assets from their customers

Each time our founder tried to get justice for his clients and himself, the FSA acted like a mafia organisation to avoid its culpability

Our founder applied for regulatory licences seven times between 2009 and 2017, each time the FSA/FCA frustrated the applications, neither accepting them nor rejecting them. Our founder persisted by making official complaints to the FSA, which became the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Complaints Commissioner's Office that allegedly oversees the FCA's conduct. Our founder's complaints caused the FCA to pursue a vendetta against him

The FCA destroyed:

  • 8 of our founder's businesses ventures between 2009 to 2017
  • Countless relationships our founder had with FCA authorised firms and individuals
  • Our founder's financial services professional career
  • Our founder’s reputation via false public censure and numerous fake media articles

Unperturbed, our founder persisted and served proceedings in the High courts against the FCA and the Complaints Commissionaire's Office; these proceedings ended up as a Judicial review. The FCA fought bitterly against these proceedings and ultimately avoided its wrongdoings by rigging the court. The FCA changed the court venue three times; in the final hearing, the court told our founder they would not hear his matter due to an irrelevant technicality, the hearing scrubbed from the record

After 12 years of this bitter war, our founder carried out extensive research into why the FSA/FCA and the courts were protecting the banks. Our founder discovered that the regulator's main job is to protect the fraudulent slave-based FIAT money system. Our founder carried out further research into other State-controlled systems like education, health, food, water, energy, law, media and discovered that everything we rely on operates as a deception. We are programmed to believe the State is looking out for our interests, but in reality, everything that counts runs inversely to its appearance; nothing that matters works for our benefit; everything works for the State's advancement

Our founder woke up from his programming to realise that the world is run by a dark Occult force that has an anti-humanity agenda; the masses are programmed to comply via a Matrix-style perception deception.

Out of darkness comes the light

“Most of our problems are caused by acting as a debtor, we are programmed to worry about paying our debts, mortgages, taxes, and earning sufficient income…

When you know how commerce really works you can easily become financially abundant”

Iain Clifford – founder MATRIXFREEDOM

MATRIXFREEDOM is a division of MATRIXFREEDOM - PRIVATE MEMBERS ASSOCIATION a member of the Light Energy Creations family of companies