Account Manager Support

Salary (PAYE Exempt) £20,000

+ Profit Share


+ Full access to the Birth Certificate Trust Exemption account:


  • Buy a House 

Buy a Car


Pay for goods and services


Pay off mortgages, credit, loans and Taxes


Recoupment of last 3 years of payments and every year going forward


The Birth Certificate Trust benefits outlined here:


The successful candidate will join our existing team of office based workers


Successful candidates will work with a portfolio of Fulfilment and CQV Trust Account managers providing administrative support services


Successful candidates will be trained on all aspects of UN Agenda 2030 and the Roadmap to Freedom abundance solutions


Candidates must be passionate about Freedom



The MATRIXFREEDOM Freedom Plan available here:

MATRIXFREEDOM is a division of MATRIXFREEDOM - PRIVATE MEMBERS ASSOCIATION a member of the Light Energy Creations family of companies