Iain Clifford outlines how MATRIXFREEDOM provides facilitated freedom solutions in the UK and how it plans to take them global.

Just saying no to the agenda is not enough, the State has every Strawman under its control

Common law is ineffective and non compliance with the agenda (saying no I’m not doing it) comes with significant and serious consequences

The Road Map To Freedom is Designed to Step You Outside The Matrix To Freedom

A structured and facilitated Roadmap with a series of steps is required for those that want to free themselves from the slavery chains imposed on them following their birth certificate registration into trust as property of the state


The Road Map To Freedom 7 Steps:

  1. Remove your mortgage from the register and reclaim all payments.
  2. Reclaim all payments from your past mortgages.
  3. Set-off your Credit Cards and loans.
  4. Set-off your Taxes.
  5. Right wrongs with Private Law holding the men and women at the top personally liable.
  6. Reclaim all payments made from your personal and business bank accounts.
  7. Correct your status in the trust and gain diplomatic immunity from state controls, so called statutes of law, travel restrictions and access your trusts credit.

Be aware that unless you operate in the Private and ultimately correct your status at the Trust level you don’t have rights you have privileges.

The Matrix is an occult system of slavery, it suites the masses as they are content and passive, they like the comfort of slavery, and will probably never see or walk the the way to freedom as this is outside their comfort zone

Some slaves fight and scream, they say give me my freedom, don’t you know who I am, but the system sees them as aggravated slaves and puts them down.

Those that look will see, those that see will find that the system provides a way out.

You can walk with your Good Shepherd by your side and travel the Road Map to Freedom in peace and in honour, freedom is only a right to those that seek it.

“Blessed are the meek: For they shall inherit the Earth.” (Matthew 5:5)


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