Live Q&A with Founder Iain Clifford - Sat, Oct 8, 2022

And a very good morning to you guys. Rise and shine. How are we all today? First, let me introduce myself, if it's your first time you've been on one of our webinars. My name is Simone and I'm the head of communications and our affiliate network team. Now, I can't believe how many there are of you on here this morning. This is the first time we've ever done a live q and a. Even when I logged on this morning, there was a load of you on there. So if you are ready to rock and roll and do you know what? So are we to. But the most important thing is, we need to make sure you can see us and hear us, right? So on either the left hand or the right hand side, there's a little panel. If you could click on that, please, It will expand. All I need to know is, can you see me and hear me? Yes or no? So let's have a look right now. Great, you can! Now if you can hear me, but you can't see me, where you normally go on explore, you will either see an orange square or a blue square with a it looks like a snowflake. If you can click on that, then us will pop up.


So, as well as saying good morning to you guys, I want to say very early, good morning to some of our attendees from the US So very good morning to you and a good afternoon and probably an early good evening because we've also got people from Australia and New Zealand as well. Hi to you guys as well. Now, before I continue, I'm just going to go through, let's go through to the next slide. Now, if you recall and if you've been on our previous Q and A we put some categories together and because there was just so many questions and a lot of you put questions on our platform in submit your question to ask Iain. And also, through the Go to webinar platform. When you registered, you submitted a load of your questions. We had hundreds and this is no, no exaggerating with a load of them. So, what we've actually done, we've condensed it down a little bit. So, there's probably around 50 questions we are going to go through. Now, if you recall at the beginning, I did say, please, at the moment, don't submit any questions because I guarantee that your questions that you asked live, we are going to cover those, and someone has already asked them as well.


Now, before I continue to, because I've got some other set of slides I'm going to go through in a moment. Let's introduce you to our speaker, right? If it's your first time and you haven't met him, please let me introduce you to the founder and the driving force of Matrixfreedom, Good morning, Iain. And as you can see, it's a very sunny day today. I feel I'm glowing.


Good morning, everybody. It's a lovely day and we've got some very good questions. I think this is going to be a valuable session and although it may take a little longer than we were first anticipating. It's going to be worth staying on. I think so.


Yeah, definitely. So before we get to the questions Iain I had a number of emails coming through to me this week and obviously you guys all very keen in going through the webinars on the platform and doing the accreditation. So we just had a few questions on how do I do that? Where can I find this? So what I've actually done is put a step by step guide for our paid clients. Okay, So I'm gonna go and through a guide right now. Now there were also other issues with regards to passwords, et cetera. So you sent an email, a password was given, and for some reason some of them weren't working. Let's sort that out right now. If you happen to be an affiliate, which is also known as an agent, but if you happen to be affiliate, then please try that password. Okay? That most probably work as well if through the time that there was a problem because we did an an upgrade on our platform. Cause remember, this is a platform that we've actually developed ourselves. Needs to have a bit of an upgrade like we do right at times. If you find, Oh, I've gone back in and the password was not working. Do what is known as a hard refresh. Now you probably tell somebody, What the hell are you talking about? What an earth is a hard refresh. If you click the button control then F five, then what it does, it will clear it, and then you should be able to go straight back in. Okay, So for those who got the emails about how to become accredited, This is what you need to do.


So you go to the, and this is what it looks like. And as you can see, the logging in is your username, which is your email address. Okay. That you using as a client. Some of you have set up a couple of them. Got mixed up. So use the email address that you have used as a paid client. Okay? And then once you've done that and you click on, then here is the platform and that's what it should be like. And then as you can see on the left-hand side, it says change account login. So if you remember that email, if you go through it when it says change account login, that's where it is. Okay. Have we all got that? So that's where you need to go.


Then the next page would've popped up like this. It would say the client obviously will have your name here, and the past would've been Pass@123. But as I've just explained, if you happen to be an affiliate then obviously use your affiliate password there. Once you've done that, then you click the submit button. Okay? And by the way, guys, if you think I'm going too fast, don't worry. Anyone who attends today, you will receive a copy of this recording as well, okay? And that will be with you in the next few days. Then once you've done that, then click on two webinars.


So of course, before you take the accredited test, You obviously need to go through all the webinars. Here are all the webinars as you can see, and as you've noticed, the ones that you go, Oh, which webinars do I need to watch Then it's got right here, the accreditation webinar, and if you want to know which one you've viewed as you can see, A blue eye will pop up and obviously these ones in grey are the ones that need to be viewed. Now I know some of you have also watched webinars via go to as well, and we will have a record of those webinars that you have watched as well. But as Iain and I have always. Go back and watch these again. There's nothing wrong. Cause I know I probably have to watch them two or three times myself. And guess what guys? I actually sit on them as well, and I do it to refresh my knowledge as well. So go back on these, rewatch these again. And if you want to know, if I've viewed or which you haven't, there you go. That's what you've done. That's all you need to do.


So once you've done that, Then you click on to start my process and that's when it's now going to take you to the test on how to become accredited. So start my process there. Okay. And then we'll actually have, will be your details. Okay. And obviously your application is all on here as well, so have all your details there and ooh a clue of what the first question is. And then what you need to do is scroll down and then these are all the questions. So they're multiple choice, so go through them. Take your time. Okay? Don't worry, don't stress about them. Just take your time when you are doing them and whatever question you think is correct, just click on it. That's it. And then once you have finished, all you need to do is then click the button, submit your answer. And that's that. And then voila, you get told what your result is, and there you go. Just like that.


Now, next question is, okay, I pass, I've become accredited. What's the next step Simone? Very easy. We will send you a certificate. And so it's added to our SPC accredited list. And then what will happen, one of our fulfilment account managers will be in contact with you shortly.


So they are the next steps. Now, if I've gone a bit quick, apologies there, cause obviously we've got a lot of questions to get to. But as I said, any of our attendees on this morning, you will get a copy of your webinar. Over to you Iain.


Yeah, thanks sims. I think we've got, I've just been looking through, refreshing myself and all the questions and there seems to be a general theme, which I think is probably worth this stage. Answering the general theme and then we can go through each question individually. The secured party creditor process, what you are doing is you are taking control of your strawman entity, the trust itself, you're not losing all of the benefits and privileges that the strawman has enjoyed so far. So I think this is, when I look through the questions, I think this is really key to understand that what you are doing is you are replacing the state that currently has control of the straw man entity trust itself, the cqv trust itself, and you, the living, breathing consciousness, the living man, woman is taking control, replacing the state, but the straw man itself, the trust doesn't go away. It stays there and it can still be used as the transmitting entity for all commerce. And it can still be used to enjoy all of the benefits as you've already enjoyed them so far, of having that strawman entity. So I think it's worth labouring on this because once you understand that all you are doing is you think of it like a limited company, at the moment, your limited company, your strong man, your citizen, your Cestui Que vie trust at the moment, the shareholder is the state. And what you're doing with the secure party creditor process is you are replacing the state as the shareholder. You're replacing the state with you, the living man, living woman as the shareholders. So think of it like a company, who controls companies? the shareholders do. All you are doing is replacing the state with you, the living man, living woman. And if you do that, Through the secure party creditor process, the company doesn't go away, it stays there. The company, by the way, is the equivalent of the trust. I'm just using this as an analogy because a lot of people I think, understand that how a company operates. So the trust stroke company continues all of the benefits can be enjoyed by that company because it's the company. That has access to the benefits and privileges from the system itself. It's not the individual, the man, the woman doesn't have access to privileges and benefits from the system, but the straw man does. So once you take control, you don't lose all of the benefits and privileges. You just have to behave slightly differently to avoid the joinder problem. And as we go through the questions, I think it will become quite clear how you do that, and it's really quite simple. It's just a few things you have to avoid in order to make sure that you're not creating a joinder between you, the living man, living woman, and your strawman. It's quite easy to do it.


Also, what I want to stress is that once you've got all the structure set up and you'll be working with a Fulfilment account manager from Matrix Freedom that will be setting all the structure up for you. Once you've got the structure set up, then you'll be working with a Cqv trust account manager. So you'll have a dedicated trust manager. That's your trust. You'll have a manager as a trustee representing your access to your trust. You'll have this trust manager. And each of the trust managers will be working with a portfolio of MatrixFreedom members. And anything that is going on with that might look like there's a risk of joinder. You'll obviously have a dedicated specialist i.e the trust manager to consult with and make sure that you're making the right steps. You're not running any risks or doing anything that could cause an issue. So even though we're going to go through all these questions today, And we're probably going to post a q and a document for those people who have been accredited, that's going to be available in your platform account. You'll also have in addition to that document with all the written answers, you'll have this recording on a video recording of this webinar. But you'll also have access to a Cqv trust account manager that you'll be able to ask questions to directly. So I think, we're trying to cover all the bases here, so don't worry if you don't understand all the answers that I'm going to give on today's webinar, you'll have the document and you'll have access to your trust manager going forward. So hopefully there won't be any problems with giving joinder because if you're unsure then you know, you just need to make contact with your trust manager and I'm sure we can find the way through. So back to you Sims if you want to go and start the questions. I'm ready and my brain's in gear I think so lets have a go.

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Well, I mean the thing about it depends on how you set it up. Now, we've been drafting documents for the sovereign reserve members to use, which effectively references the affidavit that goes out. So let me recap the process for those who don't understand the process. So because of the banks dishonouring the money of account settlement of the credit liability, that's setting up a trust, issuing a promise to pay, which is money of account, that should settle credit liabilities but many of the banks are dishonouring those, which is why people's credit scores have been negatively affected. And when we realized the problem, we quickly modified our process and I talk all about this on the sovereign reserve webinar, the more recent webinar and on the sovereign reserve Q and a webinar. Now, when you get to the way we're offering the process to you because you are actually doing the process, what we’re suggesting that you do is that you continue to make the minimum payments on the credit liability and that causes no detriment to your credit score. So all of the banks have to give you the option of paying the minimum payment on your credit liability because it's part of how the matrix, its being put together to show compassion to those who, for whatever their reasons are, want to pay the minimum or need to pay the minimum. Now, when you make payments, you can put a reference in the payment itself. Now, as you know, if you come to the sovereign reserve webinar that I recently did and the Q and A, the idea is that you make the minimum payment to restore your credit score, but you also send an affidavit to the directors of the credit card institution, the bank, whoever it is issuing the credit card. And what you are really saying in your affidavit is that you've settled your credit and if they dishonour the settlement, you're going to take out a lien. A line is a debt. It's not over the bank and it's not over them personally in their public side of their own Cestui Que Vie trust. It's against their credit side, which is the private side of their Cestui Que Vie trust and that lien doesn't affect them in their public life at all. They can carry on with their job and no detriment to them. There's no threat, there's no insurance claim, there's no risk of them losing their jobs or anything like this. What that lien does, is it taps into the credit side of their Cestui Que Vie trust. Matrix Freedom will facilitate the purchase of that or assignment of that lien and then off the back of that, go into the creation of new security futures, which are recouped, and if you come to the webinars that I've done recently about money creator and how you can recoup your securities because you are the creditor, you own the securities that you've created and you can recoup them, reclaim them, effectively It's a tax assessment that you are doing. You can then recoup these securities that you've created and then discharge the credit liability. So when you make the minimum payment, instead of putting ‘under protest’, which will rattle the bank's cage, is you just put the reference number of the affidavit that you've issued, which will go out shortly after the settlement, which challenges the directors to rebut that you've settled your credit liability with the promise to pay. That reference number, if they look it up, it will marry up with the affidavit, which says everything in there about the fact that you have settled your credit. That's sufficient for them to recognize that you are paying under protest. You're not actually using the phrase, ‘paying under protest’ because protest could be seen by them as an adversarial word. It's better just to put the reference number of the affidavit in your payment reference.
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