Every natural man and woman is born “in the private”.

The State is public, and therefore it's Public Servants, and its legal fiction creations are “in the public”, including its artificial legal “persons”.

A man or woman can either “live” “in the private”, or “act” “in the public”.


We are programmed from an early age to accept higher authority. Most people exist in a culture of submission and conformity, allowing numerous aspects of their lives to controlled by the Government.

The populace manipulated to become dependent (debt-money) and conditioned to become fearful. The manner and appearance of “authority” are usually intimidating by design, while the language of legal fiction commerce (Legalese) is deceptive.

You are indoctrinated to “act” in the “role” of an artificial legal “person”, which is a creation of the State and a debtor serving as “surety” for the corporate debt of YOUR NATION (INC).

Nations that operate via a Central Bank controlled by the Bank for International Settlements have been indebted by the “incorporation” of Government into a debt-money system, thereby surrendering the power of sovereign money issuance.

A global system of debt bondage has been established by “incorporating” governments and by programming the people to “act” in the fictional “roles” of “artificial persons”. Legal fictions having no innate productive capacity are debtors by default, serving as “transmitting utilities” for human energy.

When a living name is “mirrored” by the registration of an artificial legal “person” on the Birth Certificate, an Estate Trust is formed, such as MR JOHN DOE TRUST. Any living man or woman unknowingly in JOINDER to such a legal fiction NAME blindly takes responsibility for the alleged debts of the Trust as its Trustee. At the same time, an aware living man or woman can separate themselves from the legal fiction NAME and become the rightful controlling Agent, Beneficiary, Executor/Executrix for MR JOHN DOE TRUST.

The State, via an unlawful conversion at the point of your birth certificate, has trespassed against you. Your birth certificate registers you as a slave via a Trust in the Matrix. Your ALL CAPS NAME on your birth certificate is a corporation that operates as a debtor in the Matrix. Your birth certificate Trust has a Public and Private jurisdiction, a credit and debit ledger.

The artificial legal “person” is a dead entity known by ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or the family name; the name operates under foreign Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction, the international “Law of the Sea”. It is a legal fiction “persona” in the “theatre of commerce“, the Public jurisdiction. By contrast, the living man or woman know by the first name or names has a soul and operates under consciousness under a sovereign Common Law Jurisdiction, the “Law of the Land”, the Private jurisdiction.


The fictional person, NAME

The citizen slave

With “possession” use, no “legal title.”

Operating in commerce via contracts

Controlled by legal statutes

The perpetual debtor

The taxpayer

The fine payer

The licence holder


The living Wo (man)

The free Sovereign

With “legal title.”

Not operating in commerce via contracts

Not controlled by legal statutes

The creditor

No taxes apply

No fines apply

No licence applies

The “Common Law” follows “Natural Law”, a living system of “right or justice”. True justice is derived from Nature rather than from the rules of society. In “Natural Law”, all people are born equal and endowed with unalienable rights.

When operating under your Private sovereign jurisdiction, your inalienable Rights cannot be taken from you without informed and willing consent.

By contrast, the Legal “person” acts as a corporation under contracts with other legal “persons”.

These legal “persons” operating in the Public jurisdiction always act in commerce. For contracts to take force, there must be “performance” via offer and acceptance to establish “joinder”, forming an “adhesion contract” between the “person” and the living man or woman. The State always seeks consent to take responsibility in the matter of the person, unknowingly or knowingly; this is JOINDER.

Joinder brings the living man or woman under the maritime laws of commerce in the Public jurisdiction.

Under the Common Law Jurisdiction (Law of the Land), both parties must enter into every contract “knowingly”, “voluntarily”, and “intentionally”, or the contract is unenforceable and void.

However, under the Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction (Law of the Sea), consent to contract is often presumed by silent acquiescence unless the party contracted rebuts the presumption of consent.

If you do not wish to consent to a contract offer (presentment), you must Rebut The Presumption that you are “acting” in the “role” of a fictional legal “person”.

Maxim of Law:

Quid fas non veritas est. Legality is not Reality.

The first step is to separate yourself from the legal fiction. If you answer the artificial legal “person” NAME, you contract by “joinder” to become a liable debtor. However, if you “stand” truthfully as a “man” or “woman”, not “acting” as an artificial legal “person”, the two are separated.

Because of years of conditioning, it takes time to separate the legal fiction from Reality, in your mind and the real world. A powerful and lawful approach is to verify everything.

You are never obliged to answer questions or to provide a Government-issued ID. As a Sovereign living man or woman is not your duty to answer questions, it is your duty to ask questions. You have the Right to know who is claiming against you. The Right to know who the injured party is, the Right to accept any claim against you upon verification conditionally, the Right to reserve your rights without prejudice, and after that, the Right to remain silent to avoid self-incrimination.

By failing to exercise our rights, we, the People, have been betrayed. We have allowed the State to turn against us and “monetized” our creative energies. The original offices of de jure unincorporated State institutions usurped of mostly unoccupied de jure public servants working for the People in a de jure public capacity. The “public” State is captured by financial piracy into a commercial enterprise, operating by contract under the Admiralty Maritime jurisdiction (Law Merchant), in the international Law of the Sea.

The following definitions apply to the de facto incorporated State, in which the agencies of State and all artificial legal “persons” are merely corporate franchises.

Living In The Private

To be “in the private” is to “live” in a “private capacity” as a Man or Woman, with flesh and blood, arms and legs, a conscious mind, a spirit, and Life. All Men and Women are created as equal Sovereigns, endowed with Unalienable Rights and Properties, including Credit equating to their valuable human energy.

As natural Men and Women, we are Creditors because we are born naturally with innate productive capacities. Our right to contract is Unlimited; we have unlimited liability, being responsible adults. We are outside and above the State. From Latin privatus “set apart, belonging to oneself (not to the state)”.

Living In The Public

To be “in the public” is to “act” in a “public capacity” as an “accommodation party” in “joinder” to an “artificial person” created and governed by the State. All Men and Women who “act” in legal fiction “roles” for the State are granted revocable Privileges and Benefits prescribed in legislative “Acts”. As Artificial Persons, as Debtors, because they are created legally without innate productive capacities. Their right to contract is Limited, and they have limited liability, being legally incompetent “creatures of the State”, its legal children. They are inside and under the State. From Latin publicus “of the people; of the state; done for the state”.


Your Opportunity

Step outside the Matrix, the Public jurisdiction

Step into the Private jurisdiction

Operate as the living wo (man) a Sovereign in the Private jurisdiction

Exempt from legal statutes

Exempt from debt

Exempt from taxes

Exempt from fines

Exempt from licences

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