Private Law Remedy The Pilot Scheme

Have you been damaged by wrongdoing, or know someone who has?

Worried about the stress of trying to get justice or can’t afford the fees?

Want to discover what the lawyers don’t want you to know?

The Problems

  • The legal system is a business, the lawyers and courts always win
  • Lawyers work for the court before the client
  • The legal system is deliberately complex, a closed shop for so-called experts
  • The legal system is adversarial and, by its very nature, causes costly controversies
  • Practice protocols cause additional costs and put up barriers by design
  • Getting justice is not about the merits of the case, it’s about affordability and strategy
  • Big cases that threaten the status quo are rigged to protect the system
  • Statute of limitations has prevented you from pursuing your case

The Solution – Private Law Remedy

  • A simple process
  • With a 100% success track record
  • Does not require lawyers and courts to obtain justice
  • It’s Quicker
  • It’s lower cost
  • It’s relatively stress free compared to the legal system

Does Your Case Fit This Criteria?

  • Your damages are £1m or over
  • You’re prepared to swear an oath to the facts
  • The wrongdoer can afford to pay you or is insured
  • You want a fixed cost for running the case
  • You want a funding option which ultimately means your case is fee free


The Revolutionary Remedy To Wrongdoing - Private Law Remedy

Report 267 MATRIXFREEDOM Panel 1 Remedy in Private Law Equity Vs the Rigged Legal System