Matrix Control

What is the Matrix?

The Matrix is a State controlled structure disguised by programmed perception system that successfully hypnotises the masses to behave as slaves via false beliefs about life's essential aspects. The Matrix is designed to hide information about who we really are and convince us that we have no power.

How does the Matrix enslave humanity?

Via a “Cestui Que Trust” pronounce set-a-kay set up via a birth certificate fraud and deception that creates:

  • A fictional Strawman corporate entity known via its name
  • The name as the Trustee
  • The State as the beneficiary

Your Strawman

Is a non-living corporate entity represented using blue ink with the name either IN CAPITALS
or prefixed by Mr, Mrs etc.

The Strawman is incorporated via the Cestui Que Trust to enslave you under the control of
the States corporate law system based on contracts.

Your Strawman, by design:

  • Is a perpetual debtor
  • Owns and controls nothing

Dominion (control)

The Cestui Que Trust provides the State with control over our lives acting as the beneficiary to all we create


The masses, programmed from birth to believe they are the Strawman name given to them via their birth certificate trust, follow and acquiesce to the State and so-called authority figures that provide:

  • Parenting
  • Teachers
  • The boss at work
  • Statutory law
  • The government
  • The police
  • Lawyers
  • The courts
  • Banks via the money
  • system
  • Doctors
  • And much more


The Strawman masses behave as sheeple within the States controlled systems as described above, believing that they are in control of their lives and are working to build a better future for themselves and their families.
The control systems, together with constant programming delivered by the internet, all mainstream social media platforms, newspapers, television, radio etc. reinforce the perception deception.

Who runs the Matrix?

The universe operates on light and dark energy consciousness, the Matrix operates from dark energy consciousness via global secret societies that own and control governments, the big corporations, all aspects of the media etc.

How does the Matrix control everything that counts?

The Matrix controls everything via the Via the Cestui Que Trust and control and suppression
of information via so called education and the media etc.

What is the Matrix agenda?

To own and control everything that counts, control the sheeple's perception and behavior via an operating system implanted into the brain via so-called vaccines, the brain connected to their smart grid and internet of things. The reduction of the global population numbers, the removal of Co2 from the atmosphere and many other critically important things, basically an anti-human agenda.

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