Our Story

Our founder operated a joint venture between 2001 and 2010, with one of the biggest UK banks. The venture brought a range of financial planning solutions to thousands of people seeking to solve critically important everyday financial objectives. The bank provided:

  • A credit facility secured on investment assets
  • Our founder's company provided product design
  • Marketing
  • Facilitation and administration

In 2008 during the last financial crisis, the bank illegally foreclosed on credit agreements with the customers; this resulted in the bank seizing customers' assets of £400m. The Financial Services Authority made our founder a scapegoat for the bank's fraud, and the courts covered the matter up.

According to an open letter in 2019 from Anthony Stansfeld (Thames Valley police commissioner), banks up and down the UK had done the same. They illegally stripped an estimated £90 billion of assets from their customers.

Each time our founder tried to get justice, the Financial Services regulator undermined his businesses to starve him of resources to take them on.

Our founder started an extensive research period into why the Financial Services regulator was protecting the banks and discovered that their job is to protect the State and its slavebased money systems. Our founder looked at other State-controlled systems like education, health, food, water, energy, law, information and discovered that everything that counts operates inversely; nothing that matters works for our benefit; everything works for the State's advancement.

Our founder woke up from his programming to realise that we live in the Matrix.

MATRIXFREEDOM is a division of MATRIXFREEDOM - PRIVATE MEMBERS ASSOCIATION a member of the Light Energy Creations family of companies