I co-founded Karen Millen and grew AllSaints, accumulating a £500m personal asset base;

My assets stolen as a consequence of the alleged bankruptcy of Kaupthing bank in Iceland;

The thieves used my assets to start a new bank in Luxembourg;

I tried to get my money back by spending £8m with lawyers and got nowhere;

In a strategy designed to block my path to justice, the thieves conspired with other influential individuals and made me bankrupt;

In what seemed to be a hopeless situation, I attended a MATRIXFREEDOM webinar;

Following the webinar, I had a life-changing 10-hour meeting with the founder of MATRIXFREEDOM, Iain Clifford;

Iain explained that my problems would never be solved in the legal system or by any other conventional judicial method;

I learned that to get justice; you have to operate in commerce applying the principles of Lex Mercatoria (Law Merchant) from the highest jurisdiction, a jurisdiction above lawyers and courts, the jurisdiction of the Sentient being;

MATRIXFREDOM has shown me how to get justice and remedy.

The power of acting as a Sentient being applying the principles of Law Merchant is amazing


Kevin Stanford

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