This video is part one of the three part live presentation that Iain delivers exclusively for accredited Members Part 2 (Timeline of the human tax farm) and part 3 (individual component track record) are available to Members to book and attend the office once accredited


Review the component track record in a private presentation at our Head Quarters hosted by Iain Clifford and MATRIXFREEDOM'S Head of Technical
To qualify for the presentation Iain requires that you:
Are an Accredited Member
Sign Non Compete and Non Circumvent agreements
Leave mobile phones, cameras and recording devices at the door

Presentations cover:

Substantive evidence that proves the existence of the Secured Party Creditor status
Substantive evidence that proves the existence of the Birth Certificate Exemption account
Substantive evidence that proves the existence of payment and mortgage securities recoupment
Book a presentation via your MATRIXFREEDOM platform account
“We were so grateful to come into the matrix freedom headquarters and meet Iain in person last week. The information and detail shared was very helpful and it was clear to see just how dedicated he is to this mission. Iain has a warm approach and a very big heart. This is not simply a business or financial endeavour, this is a movement and a freedom revolution and we really understood this during the presentation.

All the staff we met were so friendly, helpful and made us very welcome, and it was brilliant to be able to meet the lovely Simone in person too, and thank her for all the work she’s doing too.

It was great to connect with so many like-souled people and we are so excited to be on board with this life-changing, paradigm shifting mission."
Natalie & Ben
I can't tell you how important this invitation to a physical presentation is to the credibility of everything Iain is trying to do. The presentation is excellent and the opportunity for clients to see for themselves that this is all real, that the offices and the people really exist is incredibly powerful. The importance of this meeting cannot be underestimated
"The invite email had everything we needed in there to get us to the meeting on time. It helped that we knew where we were going as we'd not long visited Leo in the office, so we were prepared.

Everyone in the team is so inviting and welcoming. That's the first point I would like to make. Leo and Paul have been an excellent source of knowledge and support and I couldn't thank them enough.

Myself and Jes found the whole morning very useful, and Iain's delivery and tone has helped this all to sink in now. The webinars have been a great starting point for our own research, but Friday really added a few layers of detail that have helped us understand (1) process, (2) the size of the problem and (3) the plan for a wider alternative community and long-term strategy that really makes us excited for the future.

Understanding Iain's vision is very interesting"
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