MATRIXFREEDOM (Matrix Freedom) provides free online platforms that offer comprehensive information, education, and mentorship, enabling Members to learn how to operate as a creditor within the commerce system in their quest to achieve an abundant life

Summary of the at-no-cost benefits and features of becoming a member:

– Webinars that deal with each aspect of the journey of becoming a creditor and how to apply the knowledge. The videos, primarily presented by our founder Iain Clifford an author and expert in the subject

– Technical libraries full of research papers and videos that justify the information presented on the webinars

– An education consultation team to talk with

– A regular newsletter

– Video and podcast interviews with Iain Clifford

– Regular Q&A sessions via webinars

MATRIXFREEDOM (Matrix Freedom) does not provide any financial or legal services. We are a not-for-profit Private Members Association that exclusively provides information.

Should you decide to proceed with any of the processes outlined by MATRIXFREEDOM, (Matrix Freedom) you do so at your own risk, and you do so by acting as a creditor by instructing and directing the process.

MATRIXFREEDOM (Matrix Freedom) has established a network of approved private secretarial administration providers that can facilitate your processes under your instruction.

The administration providers provide administration services and make no warranty of success with any of the processes available to you. Details of the approved administration providers are available once you have become a member of MATRIXFREEDOM (Matrix Freedom).

MATRIXFREEDOM is a division of MATRIXFREEDOM - PRIVATE MEMBERS ASSOCIATION a member of the Light Energy Creations family of companies